Friday, August 01, 2008

Epilogue 01 - WYD 2008 Diaries

Hello to you, dear fellow pilgrims, families, friends, and parishioners....

I'm still not on the right clock, but I've had a good long chat with my sister Lyette who is preparing her own vacation and with Papa whom I'm looking forward to seeing on Saturday.... I've emptied my backpacks and have had a look at my blog and journal and see the gap in both. I didn't have time to keep up my own journal and intend to catch it up this week. The blog was comprehensive until Thursday afternoon July 10th and resumed Saturday afternoon the 12th, and then was sketchy and brief from the 13th to the 18th, with little after that except one incident on the 23rd and then resumed on the 28th for a day and a half.

I hope to do a retrospective, a kind of epilogue over what I missed and also of my impressions overall in the days ahead.... This experience is too precious to allow it to fade. It is important to gather up the gifts the Lord gives us, to remember them and reflect on them and also to tell others about them, because it is only in the telling that we come to better understand and even to possess our own experiences.... otherwise they tend to fade into oblivion or at least aren't as available to us and may not have as lasting an effect on us as when we do reflect and give witness to what we have seen, heard, felt, thought, and experienced. It is for this that the Holy Spirit gives us power from above, to give witness to Jesus as the One we experience as truly our Lord, Teacher, Saviour, and the Beloved of our souls.

In Jesus, Fr. Gilles

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