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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Communing with God in our everyday life

It is easy for living human beings at any time to feel anxious and troubled. What are we to do at such difficult moments?
First, we are simply to remember that we are right now exactly where God wants us to be... because we are always in the presence of the most Holy Trinity... so at any moment we can stop, close our eyes or look up into the sky, breathe deeply and slowly and then just breathe normally... and become aware of the heat inside our chest... there in our heart is also the center of our soul, our spirit, and we can notice that our breath and this heat are one and the same... There is also the divine light coming from God and shining within us and upon us.... So we can just realize that God in 3 Persons is ALWAYS present and active... so I can allow myself to become passive and receptive... and let God hold me, shine in me, purify me, warm me, comfort me, heal me, and continue to do all that He wants to do within me, as I continue to breathe in and out, in and out.... Then as any concerns come up, I can simply notice them, and hand them over to God, as I continue to breathe in and breathe out.... We can carry on this way until a natural conclusion and then simply get back to our normal active life and family tasks and activities. Repeat this process as often as needed in all simplicity... sometimes as simply as remembering to breathe, conscious of the movement from God into you and from you into God.... Christ is risen, alleluia! Alleluia!