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Sunday, December 15, 2019

A family activity: Reading Pope Francis' Letter "On the Meaning and Importance of the Nativity Scene"

Good Day Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

Pope Francis has written a letter to us inviting us to contemplate the meaning and gift of Jesus' coming to us, which we celebrate at Christmas... Parents might want to share each of the thoughts in it with your children... a little each day....

The Diocese of Montreal gives a brief summary of his letter:

Here is the letter itself:

Peace to you all and blessed preparation for the celebrations of Christmas and extending this joy into the 12 days of Christmas.... Even the poor, sick, oppressed, and suffering are able to turn their attention away from their distress to take joy in our God who at every moment and in every circumstance comes to share in our lives, to be with us where we are, so that we may not be alone and take comfort from his love for us.

We take heart at the good news that our distress will not last forever but will come to an end when the Lord commands. This relief enables us to turn to our neighbor, especially the one in need, to extend a smile, a comforting word, a helping hand....

Blessed continuation of Advent and entry into the joy of the Christmas Season!

                Pax + Caritas,       Fr. Gilles