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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sexual abuse 2 - is eroticization gone awry

Sexual abuse is a crime against humanity...
because it violates the free will, dignity, integrity, and health of the victims... and it manifests the disintegration of the perpetrator's humanity. 

In our previous blog reflection we began to discuss the nature of sexual abuse by clergy and that it is, sadly, but the tip of the iceberg of human society. We began by noting that

"The sexual exploitation and abuse of one human being by another is a crime against humanity because it is a violation of who that person is in their very identity as a sexual human being. Our sexuality is an integral facet of who we are in our distinctiveness as human beings. We are living beings with a capacity to not only relate to others and to care for them but also to do so in a great variety of distinct ways, with degrees of intimacy and expression appropriate to our age, gender, the nature of the relationship, what it is that we want to express or give, all of which is deeply tied into our freedom as individuals and our capacity for meaning and responsibility. Sexual and other forms of abuse are particularly heinous when committed against children and other vulnerable, fragile, or innocent beings. They become doubly tragic when those perpetrating the abuse are themselves the distorted product of having in their turn suffered sexual or other forms of abuse, often at an early and deeply impressionable age." 

It is admittedly impossible to thoroughly understand our human nature, including our sexuality, and even less it its distorted forms, unless we acquire a more fundamental and evidence-based grasp of what we are as human beings and how we come to be, to become, the beings we are when at our best or at our worst. What many factors enhance our free will to live lives of purpose and integrity on the one hand or on the other hand debilitate that ability and cause us to become mere shadows, shameful and even dangerous counterfeit human beings?

The role of "eroticization" in becoming a human person

Distorted human beings - undeveloped or "petrified" persons

to be continued....