Friday, August 01, 2008

Epilogue 02 - WYD 2008 Diaries

Greetings to All,

Since we who have been privileged to pilgrim to WYD 2008 in Sydney haven't been aware of the media coverage, I'm just now discovering it, beginning with Salt + Light TV. Check it out.

They also have a Salt + Light Blog, on which among other things they give reference to Pope Benedict's reflection on his experience of WYD and his hopes for all of us pilgrims and for all the young Catholics and Christians of the world.

You will also find on their blog the WYD08 Final Statistics.

As I just begin really to reflect on how I myself experienced this WYD08 pilgrimage, browsing the Salt + Light website, listening to their Zoom reports, browsing their blog, I find myself being drawn to read and reflect on the texts of Pope Benedict's addresses to us, which were at times difficult to hear, let alone focus clearly on....

I am deeply impressed and touched to my soul's life experiences by his reflection shared with us at the Vigil on the Holy Spirit.... his final paragraphs on St. Augustine's struggle to understand the Holy Spirit in a practical way actually helps us picture the presence and action of the Holy Spirit in our personal lives, relationships, and faith community, and then his encouragement to us is remarkable and precious!

I'm so glad to now be able to reread his Sunday homily, which I had a lot of trouble even hearing because of the strong echo at Randwick.... Pope Benedict is really a good spiritual father for us, giving very practical and simple counsel on how to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with his power and unfold in us his gifts. Our belonging to the family of the Church is the way in which God has been pouring into us the life of the Trinity, and it is Jesus who at every Holy Communion fills us anew with the Holy Spirit, who is Love in Person and the Giver of life.

I hope we get a chance to discuss the words of Pope Benedict that are having the most impact on us.... In this ongoing Epilogue WYD Diaries, I hope to go back and fill in our Itinerary and my own experience of our journey, so that it may become clearer how the Holy Spirit has been leading us throughout our pilgrimage and onwards into our future..... Thanks to Fr. Raymond Lafontaine who sent us all of Pope Benedict's addresses in a single document!

In Jesus, Fr. Gilles

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