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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why do people destroy plants, torture animals, or hurt other people?

Why indeed do some people wreak such violence, hurt, and destruction around them? People who destroy nature or other living things are manifesting on the outside the disturbance they carry on the inside.... If they do seem to enjoy their destructive behaviour it may only be because for a moment they feel powerful rather than powerless, or for a moment at least, they have forgotten the misery of their life or circumstances.

God doesn't make junk and, because of the original sin, and the influence of the demons / rebellious angels, people twist other people out of shape, especially the young and innocent. Usually, this is because someone or something twisted them out of shape earlier. That hurt deep within them is crying out for healing, but in the absence or delay of healing, the pain calls out for action, any action.... Revenge is a real temptation for us humans, and even the thought of it can be quite intoxicating, enough to make you dizzy for a moment, like looking over a balcony on a tall building.

When they grow up they carry their wounds with them and, not knowing how to be healed or set free, they lash out on anything beautiful, good, loving, kind, or gentle because seeing such wonders they only remind them of their own misery; so, like those who killed the Son of God, they leave a trail of destruction behind. That is exactly what happened to Jesus... He, the perfect One, the divine only begotten Son of the heavenly Father, Love in Person.... All those who nurtured sinful desires in themselves felt reprimanded by the very presence of Jesus, let alone any of his words or his compassionate look. They could not stand the sight of Him and surrendered themselves to the compulsion, the obsession to kill Him.

With the merciful Heart of Jesus we can understand why Jesus commanded us to pray for enemies and desire good for those who do harm, because God loves them too and weeps for them as He does for all his wayward children.