Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally, you get to see some photos!

Good Evening to All,

I finally have managed to upload photos to Photobucket and send them to this blog. It took a couple of hours on an unfamiliar and slower PC, in the Parish Office in a country where there is no indoor heating; so it's like sitting outdoors around 8 degrees minus the wind....

Anyway, here they are, but I'm afraid they're not in much order. There are photos taken the day of our departure, during the flights, in between flights in airports, on arrval, and all along the way.... up until our white water rafting last Monday - it's now Thursday evening here. In future, I will try to keep photos in separate folders for each day so the PC doesn't scramble them. Why PC's do such things I'll never understand, but there you are.


Fr. Gilles


  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    2008 July 10
    Hi! WHERE do you find the time to do all this AND wrestle with computers! You mention, 'In future...' but you are there already! What does it look like? Thank you for the photos. I very much enjoy reading of all your activities and impressions and insights. Absolutely fascinating! So rich.

    But are you all SURE you have the right itinerary? I thought it was World Youth Day! This looks more like World Youth MONTH!

    Now my challenge is to make it through this maze-of-a-post to ensure this message does indeed get posted - not toasted!
    Love to all, Ralph Neumann

  2. Anonymous1:47 AM


    Some more thoughts (very) early on a Friday morning here in Montreal...

    Have people responded to your CH jerseys? Is it true that the farther from Montreal you are, the more likely the locals will think you are indeed Canadiens Superstars? Are you too busy signing/making up autographs to remember the REAL PURPOSE of your tour? Good thing you have us adults around to remind you of this.

    Say, while you are about a meeting with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, to learn their Maori haka dance? Think of how impressed Father Michael Tauro will be on your return as you perform the dance for us at Sunday Service!

    Strictly speaking, the term haka refers generically to all Maori dance but has now come to mean the Maori dance repertoire where the men are in front and women lending vocal support at the back.

    War chant and challenge

    But with the All Blacks promoting one version of the haka which starts with the chant "Ka mate, ka mate (It is death, it is death"), it is this haka, called Te Rauparaha's haka (so named after its perceived traditional origins) that most people, particularly rugby union football fans, know as the haka.
    This version of the haka is both war chant and challenge and is customarily performed by the All Blacks before major games against non-New Zealand teams.
    It is characterised by loud chanting, much aggressive flailing of arms and stomping of feet, fierce looks and, in the end, an angry sticking out tongues.

    Hmmm, I can see that Father Gilles is mighty enthusiastic that I'm not involved in the catechism classes.

    This year.

    Travel Tip: I always appreciate the plastic-wrap service at the airport for your backpacks. Keeps everything together and reduces the possibility of theft. I saw a video of a sting operation of airport ground service workers unloading baggage from the aircraft. Chilling. If you cut the plastic carefully on arrival, you can use it again to your next destination. Anyway, it is well worth the $5 or so.

    Hmmm, looking at the photos, is this one of those 'No one shaves until we win the Cup or the Pope blesses us, boys' kind of tour? Or like we in tech writing are prone to say, 'No one shaves until the last page of the last manual is writ, boys!'

    Those with headphones, I HOPE you're listening to one of Father Gilles' homilies, now! If not, I'm sure he has some extra mp3 files of his homilies for you.

    Julie, I hope the book on board the flight had a happy ending.

    Just how many of you ARE there anyway? Seems like waves and waves!

    Speaking of, here's one and time for my sunset ride.

    Good night!

    Ralph Neumann