Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 3-4 News, comments, notes from our pilgrims....

Julia K
Soaking in New Zealand's natural hot springs today, we had the oppurtunity to appreciate this county's beauty at it's fullest. Though all the pilgrims were reluctant to leave the springs, we were greatful for the chance to witness the beauty of this country, and greatful to God for guiding us here. We look forward to what each new day will bring.

Amber Adaszkiewicz
This trip has been such an amazing adventure. The amazing scenery is beautiful and the memories were share together would be a longterm rememberance. I'm so grateful to God for allowing me to share this wonderful experience with my second family. This will be a trip that we will never forget.

Patrick Renaud
Ce voyage est pour linstant une experience absolument incroyable a vivre. Bien entendu le paysage est paradisiaque et ce, a perte de vue; cest beau et tu sens cette beaute transcender tout ton etre. chaque journee est un collier assemblant des moments-perles inoubliables. Je remercie sincerement tous et toutes ceux qui ont contribue dune facon ou une autre a la gigantesque organisation de ce pelerinage. jespere seulement que les temoignages et les photos que vous trouverez sur ce blog vous inspira la meme senerite.

Ryan Alfred
This trip is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so grateful God has given me the strength to go on this grand pilgramage. A big part of this trip for me is the actual faith journey, it has helped me to connect to God a lot more so far. Experiencing this trip with some of my best friends only makes this hourney so much more exciting sng wonderful. I miss everyone back home and am praying for you. WYD is only the beginning of this pilgrimage I'm on.

Erin Johnston
Wow. Through all the rain, wind and cool New Zealand air, God's work and beauty is so vibrant and amazing here. So far, the scenery has been amazingly beautiful. Though we have had our many cold days, God has blessed us with a safe trip here as well as a wonderful opportunity. I have a feeling that this experience will definitely help all 46 of us to grow deeper in our faith... and if a few hot springs are included on the way, all the better!
We all miss everyone back home and are extremely thankful and greatful for all of your help and support in sending us pilgrims to New Zealand and Australia this year for the trip and pilgimage of a lifetime!
I thank God for all that we have had the chance to see and do. It is amazing!

Matthew Rettino
Here we are at the other end of the world, and yet it feels like we could be home, though it is just the same entirely different. The Waikato region of New Zealand looks like we are in Vermont or the Eastern Townships save for the odd tropical plant. This is an entirely new experiance for me. Until now, I have never flown, never been to another continent, never been to another hemisphere, and never been to another radically climate. I have also never consdidered myself on a pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is the summit of the trials of the year, with finishing High School and all finishing writting a book just before. I am treasuring every single experiance in this new land and look forward to going to Australia and get that place stamped in my passport as well. I hope World Youth Day in Sydney will chan ge my way of thinking in some way before I return home. It is truly amazing here, a good country.

Fr. Gilles
Well, time to wrap it up for today / tonight. God bless us all, everyone, as Tiny Tim said so well in A Christmas Carol. Union de priere....

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