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Friday, January 08, 2021

Entertainment and the related industry vs art that is true and meaningful as well as beautiful and good

Consider for a moment all that is "funnelled" into our senses and memories, minds and imaginations, hearts, souls, and spirits originating in all that has anything to do with what is called the "entertainment industry"....  Human beings have manifested a great variety of artistic forms of expression for at least 30 to 40 thousand years. Until perhaps the advent of radio, television, and then the internet; art usually tried to express truth, goodness, and beauty - the "three great transcendents" - which also put human beings in real contact with absolute values and with our God and Creator. 

I've never seen a "Cirque du Soleil" performance until just recently thanks to a link sent by a friend.... This "show" recorded in a Las Vegas hotel / casino is obviously an expert glorification of the human form, of colour and forms, creative designs, sound and sights, music and harmony, human dexterity and skill, and risky daredevil feats, but with minimal story telling and an apparent evacuation of significant meaning or transcendent values... in other words, pure entertainment.... This begs the question of anything and everything that is done today and has been done for the past century or so in the name of entertainment.

In Cinema, Theatre, on TV, and on the Internet entertainment is a general category that increasingly puts on display scenes and activities we would never tolerate at home in our living rooms or in our churches, and certainly not if the actors or participants were to be our mothers and fathers, siblings, or children. All too often what is being "glorified" is a rudimentary, primitive, or "crude" version of some elements of human life that by their very nature are intended to convey meaning and purpose, truth, goodness, and beauty, and to do so in the context of meaningful relationships oriented to their highest possible purpose; which is selfless, self-sacrificial, and self-bestowing love entirely oriented to the good and the final destiny of the other. 

There is a growing consensus that underneath it all there is a definite conspiracy out of hell to push completely out of the "screen" or out of our minds, imaginations, hearts, and spirits any hint of almighty God our Creator or Jesus, his Son, our Saviour, or the Holy Spirit, or love of neighbour.

All that remains is fascination of the senses... and anaesthesia of the mind and soul.... For the unwary, watching such spectacles leaves the senses satiated or saturated but the heart and soul empty and cold due to allowing one's mind, heart and soul to be distracted for the awesome presence and life-giving love of the Most Holy Trinity; who are always present to us....

It is perhaps on coincidence that the "Cirque du Soleil" was created in Québec, in a society where the reality and presence of God the Creator has been entirely evacuated from the public square, along with any meaningful consideration of the human drama and our ultimate destiny.

That is what makes classic novels, stories, by Charles Dickens and films portraying them, for example, and other creative works of art so significant and meaningful as well as beautiful and "entertaining"....

So, perhaps we are being given all these challenges as opportunities for us to "keep awake" as Jesus often said, and to become more deliberate in our choices, moment by moment throughout our days and nights, regarding all that "comes our way"; in order be not be passive but rather active in selecting with careful discernment what we "allow through the gates" of our senses into our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. In this way, we can at the same time be more deliberate in attending to the divine Presence of the Three Divine Persons in the Most Holy Trinity; who in turn are here to help us be more attentive, loving, and caring to one another... and even towards enemies. 

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