Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Gospel is being proclaimed all over the world today. Have you heard of Alpha?

The Alpha Course developed over the past 30 years as the Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church equivalent of our Roman Catholic Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. In the late 80's and early 90's it took a very "user friendly" form and is sweeping across the face of the Earth like a good brush fire.

It is also called "A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith." Currently in Canada, we are engaged in what Alpha Canada calls the Annual Alpha National Initiative which this year is taking the form of a "Prayer Blitz". The whole point is to give people of today who are searching for meaning and purpose in their life an opportunity to personally meet Jesus Christ, who is not dead, but risen from the dead, the first human being to do so.

That He is also Son of God is the main reason why He was the first one to rise from the dead. This also explains why He has so much to offer every human being alive and walking the Earth at this moment and in every generation and in every circumstance of life: youth, on campus, in homes, in community centers, in prisons, in the workplace, in the military, in a Catholic context, and in pubs and restaurants! As Paul preached the good news in the public square in Corinth, so too any setting can become an ideal opportunity to proclaim and share the good news today.

Alpha Canada's hope and plan is to draw together the collaboration of Christian churches of all denominations; so that the entire nation can be invited to "attend and Alpha Supper in a church or other venue near you" and have the opportunity to go to "an Alpha Course near you." Who is Alpha for? Anyone who is searching for more, who is beginning to feel that something is missing, that there has to be more to life than what they have found to date.

If that's you, then Alpha is first and foremost for you. If you have a friend, or relative, work colleague, or classmate who is always asking you questions or who is also searching for more, why not invite them to go check it out with you?

If you can't get the hyperlinks, here are some URL's you can check out.

Alpha Canada:

Find a course near you:


In the U.K.:


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