Wednesday, June 09, 2004

"Were not our hearts burning within us?" Fr. Gilles' theme

My name is Fr. Gilles Albert Surprenant, and I'm a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal.
I'd like to dedicate this first entry to a young priest, whom I feel privileged to have as a brother and with whom I enjoy sharing the same home and ministry. We live and serve the Lord at St. Thomas à Becket Parish in Pierrefonds, Québec.
I have named my blog for the touching scene at the end of Luke's Gospel where Jesus walks along with the two distraught disciples, kindly enquires about their sadness, and gently rebukes their confusion - opening up their minds to all that was told about Him as the Messiah in the Jewish Scriptures.
Then they said to one another, after He had vanished from their sight once He had broken the bread for them, "Were not our hearts burning within us when He explained the Scriptures to us?"
"In the breaking of the bread" was the them that emerged from prayer for me as I prepared for ordination to the priesthood 21 years ago, and I am drawn to return to it as the banner there for this blog.
Glory be to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has made known to us through his Son the wondrous divine plans He has for our salvation and that of the whole world! May all who confess Jesus as their Saviour and labor to do all that may please the Father and avoid all that might grieve the Holy Spirit, be of one mind and heart with the disciples of the road to Emmaus and in our turn speak to others the Gospel words that will cause their hearts too to "burn within them."

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